Book Review Wednesday

The book-a-week challenge kicks off with this review of Tom Hanks' Uncommon Type. I have been writing short stories for ages. I think all writers, at some point in their writing life, take a stab at it. I like the form. Maybe because it's like a half-hour comedy or an hour-long drama on television. When … Continue reading Book Review Wednesday



From a friend and fellow writer, on personal, professional, and useful (as in life-saving) journal/blogging for the world

Near-Fatal Complacency


Why did I write, and post, this? Despite being a public figure in my professional life and happy to post positive, happy junk on my social media about my personal life, within appropriate boundaries, I guard my privacy very strictly. I am not posting about my acrimonious divorce (I actually thought there could be another kind, but not when there are lawyers involved — I think that sucks for everybody but the lawyers) and don’t make nasty posts about people I know. Or don’t know, for that matter. (Clearly deranged national leaders and sexual predators excepted.)

So: I started journaling while in the hospital because, well, that’s what I do: I write. I journal usually twice a day and it’s not unusual for me to take notes about random life moments or observations at any time during my day. Yay my iPhone apps that make this easy…

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Get to know Shig Sato – Private investigators in Japan

In the Shig Sato Mystery series, Shig goes from being a respected police officer to, after his mandatory retirement, a private investigator. He had no real plans to become a P.I., and only mentioned it to his superior, the superintendent-general, as a quick way to end a conversation. Then Shig received a note from Kazuo … Continue reading Get to know Shig Sato – Private investigators in Japan

Get to know Shig Sato – Where Shig Lives

Shig lives in Hyakunincho, Shinjuku, a Tokyo neighborhood very much a part of its urban landscape. Central Tokyo is considered to be inside the Yamanote Commuter Line 'circle.' Hyakunincho is one of the many Yamanote neighborhoods that encircle the city.  A ride on the Yamanote line can take you to Tokyo's festive Ueno Park for … Continue reading Get to know Shig Sato – Where Shig Lives

Get to know Shig Sato – Tokyo Metropolitan Police

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (Keishichoo) serves as the police force for the Tokyo metropolis. It is headed by a superintendent general, who is appointed by the National Public Safety Commission and approved by the Prime Minister. The headquarters building, shaped like a wedge with cylindrical towers on top, is located in the Kasumigaseki district, … Continue reading Get to know Shig Sato – Tokyo Metropolitan Police