“One for All, All for One:” In the spirit of enlightened self-interest, all authors must share a generosity of spirit.

I think this is a fine explanation of the indie spirit by a fine writer.

8 Great Storytellers: ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ Curl up with a good writer!

A Guest Post
Mark Fine, Author of The Zebra Affaire

“One for all, all for one,” was the batt512px-the_three_musketeers_fairbanksle cry of Alexandre Dumas’ “Three Musketeers.” I believe this should also be a guiding principle for the Writing Community.

We are neither competitors nor rivals; we must set aside these notions. Happily, in fact, we are colleagues, and by working together we will enjoy better chances of success. In a sense, I envision us as a loose knit creative co-op, a Kibbutz of self-publishing zeal where all have talents, connections, and chutzpah to contribute to this common (and admittedly sometimes self-serving) mission.

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