Book Review: Murder Most Rural

Murder Most RuralMurderMostRural

(The Rizwan Sabir Mysteries Book 5)

Charlie Flowers

Format: Kindle Edition

★★★★★ 5 stars

Rizwan and Holly ‘Bang-Bang’ Sabir seem to have a nose for trouble even when carrying out a routine government intelligence operation in the quiet English countryside. But it’s not just any locale – it’s a quaint village in a part of the world Riz got to know during summers of his youth, the type of hills and woods and haunts that captures a lad’s imagination, and vastly different from his East London life.
They set about doing what they seem to do best – tossing a little bit of fun into your basic humdrum training exercise, being the cute couple that they are, with their ‘crack baby’ adopted daughter and myriad of memorable special forces friends popping up to create a buzz in the community.
But then there’s a suicide – the wife of the local big wheel, politically connected and nearly untouchable. Riz has his doubts about the circumstances – was it suicide or the perfect murder? Riz and Bang-Bang use their talents to piece together the scheme, and call on friends in high places to get to the bottom of the caper. What emerges is a top-flight mystery.
‘Murder Most Rural’ is my first taste of Charlie Flower’s storytelling and I’m hooked. He spares no detail in bringing to life Riz and Bang-Bang’s skills, quirks and banter. I love the characters and the detailed telling of military and special ops, even in the least likely of settings, and a style that keeps the story moving. I’ll be back for more.

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