Shig Sato goes to Osaki Police Station – The Thief’s Mistake

A reader reminded of a passage from The Thief’s Mistake, in which Shig Sato begins the long journey of coping without Miki.JBBookCoverR

“There was nothing unusual in anything he had done that morning except he had awoken alone. There was no Miki. There was no scent, no sound, no aura, nothing familiar at all. The disturbing mix of empty familiarity segued to going to a police station with no badge, patrol car, or decades of authority wrapped up in the sharp, commanding presence that had once been his former self. That morning in August, he was merely a widower with an appointment.”

The Thief’s Mistake. Find a passage that means something special to you and let me know what it is. Really. No contest, no prizes. What I will do is collect them and then post them later. I’m just always surprised, and gratified, and humbled, when I’m told these things.

The Thief’s Mistake. Available everywhere.


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