TWISTED TALES: 15 Literary Lies & Epic Yarns: Margarita Mix by Joseph Mark Brewer

The amazing Liz strikes again – and I’m honored to be a part of her bog.

Between the Beats

JMBrewerJoseph Mark Brewer, Author

Joseph Mark Brewer is best known for his wonderful books featuring Japanese detective Shig Sato. The Gangster’s Sonand The Thief’s Mistakeare insightful crime thrillers set in 1990’s  Japan. I was more than a little surprised with Brewer’s short story inTwisted Tales, “Margarita Mix”. It is a dramatic departure from his usual genre.

The story reads almost like a memoir although it isn’t written in the first person. Beginning with Vincent and his obsession with Julie, the waitress at a local café, the story unwinds like a sinuous snake, slowly hypnotizing the reader. Vincent had avoided the draft thanks to Father Roger who managed to wrangle a freshman scholarship for him to attend a less than prestigious Catholic college. It is apparent Vincent blew the deal and after less than a year he turns his gaze toward Canada where he could dodge…

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