Twisted Tales: Meet the Authors – an interview with Lubna Sengul

To paraphrase Forrest Gump (and his momma): “twisted is as twisted does”- so grab your ebook copy of Twisted Tales (or a print copy by clicking here), a Readers’ Choice selection of short fiction from Readers’ Circle of Avenue Park. Literary lies, epic yarns – it’s an eclectic collection of stories by authors from around the globe.

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In today’s Meet the Authors series I’m delighted to welcome to the blog Lyubna Sengul

Julian: Rise Of The Prophecy appears in the Readers Circle of Avenue Park’s recent anthology Twisted Tales.  What made you decide on that story? 
Julian is actually the beginning of the sequel to my first novel The Danfians Prophecy.   The first three chapters of Julian can actually be read on their own, without reading the first book and the way it is left hanging adds mystery to it.  It can be read and enjoyed as a standalone short story.
Did you find writing a short story easier or harder to write than what you’ve written in the past?
Lubna Sengul

I find writing any project, short, novels and play’s just as demanding as each other.  The creative energy is the same as I need for longer writing projects.   It is easier to edit a short story, less to look through.

Who has been an important influence on your journey as a writer?
My husband, Birtan, he encouraged me to do it and supported in my quest to become an author.
What’s your next project?
To complete Julian and to attempt to write another play and a sequel to another short story of mine, The Chronicles Of Natasha Khan.
Where can readers reach you?
Twitter: @Lubsen


Stay tuned for more Meet the Author interviews. If you like what you read in Twisted Tales you’re invited to leave a review on Amazon. Thanks!


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