Looking to the future

free-food-clipart-4I am tempting fate by writing about birthdays. Mine in particular. Tempting, in that I am assuming I will be around when it arrives.
But the subject is birthdays. Mine will be No. 59. Some people pause and reflect on birthdays. Some ignore them. Others treat them as an enemy invader.
For the past few years I have looked at them as a reminder to get rid of what I don’t use any more. Deep six useless things. Shed load, as it were.
For a long time that meant long-forgotten items hidden in boxes within boxes in storage. It mean that cracked glass that just wasn’t going to mend itself, or that flannel shirt that was too small two sized ago.
But over time, getting rid of things has meant getting past old memories, hurts, juvenile grudges, ghosts of past relationships.
Do I really want to be reminded of a slight from the eighth grade? An embarrassing moment from high school that falls into my consciousness at the worst possible moment?
Achieving this type of cleansing, I have found, means looking to the future. More time spent on the future, less on the past.
The past is a nice place to visit, but I spent far too many years living there. It was time to look ahead. I’ve managed to do that to some extent, and I find that the more I focus on the future, the past recedes to a manageable place. A place to where a hello is just a hello, not an unwanted invitation for hours-long conversations.
So. I’m looking forward to this anniversary of my natal day. I’m looking forward to a future filled with the excitement of writing more, publishing more, reading more, and connecting with other readers and writers.

Here’s to new things.

What’s new with you?


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2 thoughts on “Looking to the future

  1. renmi86 October 7, 2016 / 1:17 am

    Happy birthday. I hope this year is a good ond for you.

    I have to agree that there is something liberating about getting rid of old stuff.

    As for what is new on my end, I soon will be transfered to a new location for work. That means saying goodbye to my students and meeting some new ones.


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