20 Unknown Authors You Should Know About

Here are some unknown authors you should know about, including me, from a post that originally appeared in Medium, by Rutankhamen.

There are a lot of authors out there, and it’s understandably hard to pick which one to engage with, so I’ve decided to help you out.

This list features authors across many genres, from different countries and with as varied personal stories as they come.

All have agreed to answer a set of questions just for you so, without further ado, lets read their answers. Enjoy!

Joseph Mark Brewer

Joseph Mark Brewer
He’s a writer from Hamilton, Ohio, who’s been working in the news business for over 35 years. He started writing in elementary school, and believes that everyone has a story to tell. His inspiration? The stories themselves.
Joseph has an exclusive prequel novella to his series, and it’s available to all newsletter subscribers. Get it here.
He’s always written fiction and plans to do so in the future, even after he leaves the news business. He has 12 novels in all for the Shig Sato series, and is preparing a new series featuring an ex-Navy SEAL bounty hunter who returns to his hometown to discover trouble is following him no matter where he goes. We can’t wait!

When asked if he had anything juicy to tell readers, he said no, sadly.

His motto: Never explain, never complain. Just write a story about it.
I love it and might borrow it from time to time, as motivation wanes and waxes.

Interesting interaction with a reader: He says he loves reading reviews, as they often point out things he has never considered before. He also takes thoughtful critique seriously, which is a nice thing to do as an author.

Favourite book out of everything he’s written: The Gangster’s Son, book 1 in the Shig Sato series.

His message to the readers: If you like international settings and gritty crime, discover the world of Shig Sato.

You can find him here:
Facebook @josephmarkbrewer
Twitter Joseph Mark Brewer

Lyn Alexander (photo from her Amazon page)

Lyn Alexander
Retired veterinarian and Royal Canadian Air Force veteran, Lyn lives in New Brunswick, Canada and writes military fiction. In the past, she has spent 15 years in active service during the Cold War, which she says has helped shape her persona and made her look at the world with a direct eye. Her time in the Air Force provided the foundation for her Schellendorf series.
She told me that she’s always been writing, oftentimes getting caught in her imagination with stubborn characters that needed her to tell their stories. She says it beautifully: ‘It was a long apprenticeship which had no mentor except the books that I read.’ She also says that writing gives her an escape from the pressures of life.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she told the tragic story of falling in love with a good, honest and beautiful man, while serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was an American jet pilot, and they were planning on getting married. Fate made it so that Johnny was killed in a crash, leaving her devastated and heartbroken. She never married after that, and says she has never met another man as good as Johnny was. We feel for her, don’t we?

Her favourite interaction with a reader was a review left by the author of Helping Writers Become Authors, in which he says that he’d enjoyed her historical series for its superb historical research, verisimilitude, conflicted characters and interesting plots. The series offers a different perspective on the WWII and it’s unique in its approach, he said.

Her motto: Happiness is having a goal; and when you reach that goal, have another.

Favourite book out of everything she has written: The English General , although she points out that the book is the 3rd in a series of four, and would like to urge the reader to begin with the The Officer’s Code.

Her message to the readers: I wrote the Schellendorf historical series (noted in Weiland’s review above) because while posted in Germany I met and was befriended by Frau Rommel, widow of the famous German field marshal, the “Desert Fox”. We talked for long hours about her memories of the war, and about the difficulties her husband had at the highest level of the military. In The English General I try to show such problems from the eyes of a career soldier caught up…
…between his German wife who will not live with him and the Englishwoman who loves him…
…between his English roots and his love of Germany…
…between British Military Intelligence and his career in the Wehrmacht…
…between his love of the Army and his hatred of Hitler…
Erich von Schellendorf finds himself cornered by the appalling reality of Nazi control over his beloved country, and by realising that out of uniform he has no identity. Compelled to pursue his own troubled conscience, he maintains a delicate balance of honour through the most destructive war in history.

You can find her here:

Laura Greenwood (photo from her Amazon page)

Laura Greenwood
She’s a young author from Yorkshire, United Kingdom, who’s been writing ever since she was 7. She says that writing has helped her in many ways through her depression, and she’s been happiest since she has started taking writing more seriously.
Her day job is Catering Supervisor, which she believes is not very exciting. Some Catering Supervisors might disagree. Right?
Laura takes inspiration from anything and everything, more often than not finding herself in a situation where the stories just flow and she has to sit down and write. Most characters, over which she has little control, take her by surprise, and she has to follow their leads.
About her writing persona, she says she tends to hop genres. She reads in multiple genres and she believes that’s the general route her writing takes as well; from paranormal romance, to fairytale retellings, contemporary romance and even a short space opera, you can find it all in Laura’s catalogue.
She plans to work hard and make writing her full time career, and has several paranormal romance projects lined up for the year and, next year, she has a fully plotted out sword & sorcery series that will span 7 interconnected, but standalone books. I’m looking forward to that!

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she says she’s given her grandparents copies of her first two novellas, editing out a couple of scenes that were just a little too much for me to give them. Now they have a copy of a third novella, unedited, that features the f bomb. It was in an appropriate place, honest! Laura says. Do we believe her?

Her favourite interaction with a reader was when someone tweeted about her choice in jobs for her alpha shifter character. She still stands by her choice as an accountant. A shifter has got to eat. Indeed he does.

Her motto: You never know!
She goes on to say that, although it might not sound like much, for someone like her, who has suffered from anxiety and is most definitely an introvert, it takes a lot to put oneself out there. It’s understandable, and her motto makes perfect sense.

Favourite book out of everything she has written: She found the question tricky, but said that her contemporary romance, What Lies Beneath The Mask, has more of her in it than people realise.

Her message to the readers: I write because I enjoy it, so the main thing I want for my readers (existing or potential) is for them to enjoy what I write! I don’t need ranting and raving about them, it’s just good to know that people enjoy them!

You can find her here:
Twitter @lauramg_tdir
Or subscribe to her newsletter here.

photo from her Amazon page

Sandy Papas
She’s a Finnish writer of erotica with a twist. Seriously, go check her out and see.
In the past, she used to work in metal factories, illustration and nonprofits, which sounds dizzyingly busy, while her affair with writing started when she needed money for wine. That was when she discovered that writing is as much fun as drinking.
I’m not that much of an alcoholic, I just tell people that to get out of social occasions, Sandy explains. And we understand what that is like, right?
As far as inspiration goes, Sandy says that reality is her creative spark, it being such a messed up place. Creating seems to make it more sensical, a word she plans on making official in 2017. Let’s support her on that, it’s such a sensical thing to do. See what I did there? *I’ll see myself out*
Sandy plans to write until her arms fall off, with more than 40 short stories and a novella lined up for this year, but things get a bit blurry for September as she plans on starting studies then. Her aim? To become the Barbara Cartland of humorous erotica, minus the pink shawls. I’d prefer something a little tackier. Also, a naked Dwayne Johnson. Don’t we all?

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she revealed that she’s a semi-retired nude model. What’s more juicer than that?

Her favourite interaction with a reader: when someone tweeted about her work, including some spelling errors from her second story. I really appreciated that as a non-native speaker.

Her motto: If, at first you don’t succeed, add in were-turnips and it’ll start looking like something completely different. Advice we should all take to heart.
Did I mention she’s planning to feature a turnip shifter in her future projects? Anyone say next best-seller?

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: The first Dracula short, Dracula & The Night Nurse.

Her message to the readers: My FB-page, Twitter and blog are always open for messaging, though don’t try to get me to write zombie erotica.

She also wanted to take the opportunity to address someone she loves: Dwayne Johnson, if you’re reading this, call me. Let’s talk about what The Rock is cooking. 😉

I see a pattern emerging here. Do you?

You can find her here:
Facebook @Thesandypapas
Twitter @sandypapas

Drew Cordell (photo from his Amazon page)

Drew Cordell
He’s a young writer of science fiction from Texas, and a full time student majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas, Dallas.
When he found himself drawn to the same books over and over he decided to create something that included all the elements that he loved about his favourite stories, but was considerate enough to do some market research, so that he didn’t write only for himself, but what readers liked as well.
His inspiration? Coffee. Without coffee and my writing playlist, I’m pretty much useless at writing anything. Understandable.
He finds it thrilling to share the stories that sometimes progress out of control in his head, and feels it’s genuinely rewarding to see other people excited about his work.
Drew will be graduating next year so he wants to dedicate more time to writing, and making it a full time career.
He’s currently busy working on the second book in his trilogy, and on a standalone novel, both to be published this year. Aside from that, there’s a prequel to his trilogy coming up in April, while he gets even busier with short stories for science fiction and fantasy magazines.
He also offers free crowdfunding consultation for authors, so if you’re interested, contact him and try it out.

When asked if he had anything juicy to share with the readers, he said that he used his business knowledge to crowdfund a professional self-publishing launch for his first book, Absolute Knowledge.

His motto: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ — Philippians 4:13

Favourite interaction with readers: Some of his Kickstarter backers were authors themselves, so he loved connecting with them and sharing tips on crowdfunding. For this reason, he created a series on his blog where he shares everything he learned from his campaign.

Favourite book out of everything he’s written: Absolute Knowledge

His message to the readers: If you enjoy science fiction, you should give my novel, Absolute Knowledge, a shot. If you’re not happy for whatever reason, let me know and I’ll make it right. I spent countless hours crafting this book, and if you enjoy hard sci-fi, cyberpunk, or action, then you’re most likely going to enjoy this book. I’m hard at work on the second book of the trilogy, Absolute Zero, and expect to publish it Q2–3 of 2017.

You can find him here:
Facebook @DrewCordellAuthor
Twitter @DrewjCordell

N.M. Whittaker (photo from her Amazon page)

N.M. Whittaker
She’s a writer of romance from Brisbane, Australia, and a stay at home mum. She says writing is in her bloodline, with an ancestry full of poets, playwrights and authors. She draws inspiration from nature and the intricate details of human emotion, making her ancestors proud (her internet history notwithstanding).
Whittaker intends on making writing a lucrative career, so that she can be provide a good life for her son while also being at his side. She also goes on to say that so many Mums are too scared to ask their superiors for days off when their children need them and she doesn’t want that for herself. We agree; no one should have to go through that.
Her plans for the future include writing more romances in regency, paranormal and fantasy and we can’t wait to see what she has prepared for her fans.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she didn’t offer anything, but we understand. Don’t we?

Her motto: ‘If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.’ — Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Favourite interaction with the readers: Whittaker said she has none, but I hope she’ll have plenty to talk about soon!

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: The Elf Lord’s Chosen, which she says was the most fun to write.

Her message to the readers: Popular stories have always been primary cultural expressions so read what speaks to your heart and soul.
She also says: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a writer. You absolutely can be if you work hard enough at it.

You can find her here:
Author page

Kim Iverson (photo from her Amazon page)

Kim Iverson
A fortunate writer for not having any other day job, Kim writes across fantasy and science fiction and lives in Seattle, WA. She’s started writing to express herself and to escape. Her first such work was when she was 12, and was a poem on her grief about homelessness and being looked down upon. Something clicked in her when her family said the poem made them cry. Kim knew ten that her words had a power of their own, and that they could connect her with the readers.
Writing, for her, is also therapeutic. After she was raped at the age of 25, she found that writing saved her life. That made her realise that other people could be saved through her writing too, by giving them a break, a way out. Even if for just a moment. We agree with Kim, and we thank her for keeping writing, we all need a break from time to time.
Her inspiration is the stories she creates. Seeing it go from daydream to something in existence feels amazing and there’s no better high for her.
Her plans for the future? To publish everything she has written and write lots more. A book every three months, and, maybe, for the most favoured series, turn them in an interactive website like Pottermore. We love her plans!

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said she doesn’t have anything, but we know her stories are enough.

Favourite interaction with readers: she loves when readers feel safe enough to constantly write to her, telling her about their day, sharing their stories. She lives for stories and talking to her fans is something Kim really loves.

Her motto: ‘Holn an image of the life you want, and that image will become fact.’ She keeps this quote by her desk.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: the next one she writes. Cheeky.

Her message to the readers: I don’t tend to write in any particular genre. Elements in my books match with certain genres, but for me it’s more about the story and the message beneath the writing. Genres for me are only a way to market the book in certain categories. So generally if you give another book of mine a chance, unless you absolutely abhor certain elements that may be in the book, you may enjoy another genre of mine. I also typically don’t stick to the normal rules for writing in the genres. My paranormal romance books may come across more as horror or suspense. Things such as that. I go for Psychological Suspense or Thriller when I write my stories, not necessarily, “this is a story about vampires.”

You can find her here:
Twitter Kim Iverson
Or you can sign up to her newsletter here.

Lily Luchesi (photo from her Amazon page)

Lily Luchesi
A young writer from Chicago, now living in Los Angeles, she’s had plenty of odd jobs in the past, from dog walking to designing teasers for authors, but writing remains her first love.
At the age of 8, Lily had a teacher that taught her to love writing and she’s been honing her craft ever since.
Characters are her inspiration, as they take over and demand to be written about. Don’t we see this thing often with authors? I mean, characters sound like jerks, but we’re glad writers give in and obey them.
Nicely organised, she has her year all planned out. From anthology contributions, to a short story in Weirdbook’s May edition, to more books in her Paranormal Detective series.

When asked if she had anything juicy to tell readers, she said she wrote the first two books in her Paranormal Detective series on a tablet, while homeless. Because of a house fire, she was living in a motel at the time and we’re so happy that she has overcome all obstacles and kept writing stories for fans to enjoy.

Her motto: ‘It ain’t the blows we’re dealt that matter, but the ones we survive.’ — Stephen King.
She knows that, no matter what, there’s a reason for everything and all will fall into place eventually. You just have to keep surviving, Lily says.

Her favourite interaction with a reader: Lily loves the feedback she’s received for her character, Angelica. Her intention was to create a realistic woman, in a genre were other female characters were very uniform women, and loves that her readers feel like she has succeeded.

Favourite book out of everything she has written: Oh, man, don’t do this to me! We’re truly sorry, but we have to.
Her favourite is Last Rites, not yet released. We’re eager to get it once it’s published!

Her message to the readers: As a reader, I know it can be hard to buy a new book from an unknown author in a popular genre. I want you to know that when you pick up a Luchesi book, no matter if it’s an anthology that contains a short story or one of my novels, you’ll find something that I seriously strived to make wholly original and entertaining. I don’t write for profit, I write because I love it, and my characters demand an audience. My books aren’t just for men or women, they’re for everyone. I write horror, paranormal, and LGBT erotica, so there’s something in my catalog for nearly everyone. If you choose to read me, know that I appreciate it more than you know.

You can find her here:
Facebook @LilyLuchesi
Twitter Lily Luchesi, Author

Sandra Bischoff (photo from her Amazon page)

Sandra Bischoff
She’s from Cornwall, NY, and works as a Pharmacist in a hospital Infusion Centre.
She started writing with a blog where she explored her character’s backstory from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter books. That exercise later evolved to become her first book, Beyond the Sun.
Her inspiration lies in everything, from Camelot, to other books, and even music. In fact, her very first book, while inspired by Kenyon’s works, was also influenced by the song .45 by Shinedown. Sandra also has a healthy interest in everything Arthurian, which spurs her creativity in many ways.
Aside from that, she’s an avid reader, loves to cook and bake, paints at wine and paint parties and occasionally quilts. Now, that is busy!
Her future plans include finishing the 9 novels intended for the Dark Order of the Dragon series, as well as many other books outside of it.

When asked if she had anything juicy to tell readers, she said no, and went on to actually spell out that there is nothing juicy about her. We somehow find that highly unlikely, there is juiciness in everything, but we understand and will not tease her. Much.

Her motto: ‘Take a stand and make your mark.’ from one of John Jake’s novels. She says this one phrase is enough to pick ker up when things are tough and she feels like no one likes her books. We get the feeling and we’re happy she has something to cheer her up. We’re also certain there are plenty of people enjoying her writing.

Interesting interaction with readers: she has none to offer us, but we’re certain she will have plenty to talk about soon.

Favourite book out of everything she has written: Beyond Times, she says. Hands down. Besides being set in Camelot, the main character, Lance, is very dear to her heart. He’s damaged and unsure of himself, and tries to put up a huge facade.

Her message to the readers: If you are looking for a completely new spin on the Vampire genre, please give my books a chance. A Vampire’s modern day Camelot will leave you craving more.
I really like that idea! Between the romantic potential of Camelot and hot vampires, it can get pretty interesting.

You can find her here:
Facebook @AuthorSandiBischoff
Twitter @sandibischoff

Corinne O’Flynn (photo from her Amazon page)

Corinne O’Flynn
With a fancy job as an Executive Director for a non-profit organisation, she lives in Colorado and has been writing since high school. She believes that being a reader from a young age makes an easy segue into becoming a writer.
It’s difficult for her to say what exactly inspires her, but she says it’s primarily for self expression. She enjoys many other creative endeavours aside from writing, like painting, and knitting. She also draws from her experience as a reader, where she could find herself pulled into stories and captivated by characters. Corinne says that’s the reason she writes. She wants to take readers on a ride.
Corinne will be very busy this year, as she plans to finish her The Expatriatesfantasy series, start a new paranormal suspense series with the first book already on preorder here, and wants to launch a brand new, top secret world with a novella. Aside from all that work, she will also be published in two anthologies this year. I bow before her productivity and wish I had it too.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she told us she’s left handed, and loves to play loud music in the car and rock out. She also has an inappropriate sense of humour. Don’t we all?

Her motto: ‘There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologise for your enthusiasm. Never.’ — Ryan Adams.

Interesting interaction with a reader: Nothing in particular, but Corinne loves hearing people say that something she wrote resonated with them, she finds it fueling for her writing.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: Ghost of Witches Past, her upcoming release, her favourite because it touches on the paranormal, a subject Corinne absolutely loves.

Her message to the readers: Thank you for taking the time to visit with me! I love hearing from new and potential readers, and sharing my worlds with you. If you’re interested in staying in touch, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much everywhere.

You can find here here:
Facebook @oflynnbooks
Twitter Corinne O’Flynn

R.M. Gauthier (photo from her blog)

R.M. Gauthier
She’s from Toronto, Canada and manages a go-kart track for most of the year. R.M. started writing because many stories demanded to be written, and says that all stories come to her like mini films and don’t go away until she has written them down.
For the month of February, she’s planning to release two new books, while working on her graphic design project in parallel. Sounds like she’ll be pretty busy!

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said she went back to college at the age of 43, and obtained a diploma in Film & Television Production.

Her motto: The world is what you make it.

Interesting interaction with readers: So far she’s only had great feedback for her novel, but she’s waiting for the day when someone will say her book sucks. Until then, she’s taking accolades in stride and writes the next book.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: Control, but only until book 2 comes out.

Her message to the readers: I love creating these world and characters. It is my wish that you will enjoy them half as much as I love making them.

You can find her here:
Facebook @BooksbyRGauthier
Twitter @Ren071968

Amanda Booloodian (photo from her Amazon page)

Amanda Booloodian
She’s from Missouri, works in K-12 Virtual Education and writes paranormal mystery.
Amanda tried to write her first novel in 6th grade, a natural path for a chronic daydreamer and world-inventor like she was.
She gets her inspiration from all sorts of places, strange stories on the internet or TV, paintings or simply reading. Walking in nice weather also helps her creative juices flow.
She says she likes her day job, but will always be writing. She has planned multiple releases in the AIR series for this year, as well as stories related to the AIR world, but in different locations. There will be a total of 7 novels in the series, alongside other fiction projects.
She invites all interested parties to sign up to her newsletter or to get in touch with her on social media. By the looks of things, we most certainly are interested parties.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said that, in AIR 3: Stolen Sight, the main character takes up Krav Maga. She decided to learn self defense herself and learnt it’s lots of fun!

Her motto: You only live this life once. Live it the best you can and be happy as often as possible.

Favourite interaction with a reader: she mentioned none. But we’ll make sure she has some, right?

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: AIR 3: Stolen Sight, which will be released in late May.

Her message to the readers: If you enjoy urban fantasy, hidden worlds, and exotic magic powers you don’t want to miss this series.

You can find her here:
Facebook @AmandaBooloodian
Twitter @ajbooloodian

Emily Kazmierski (photo from her Amazon page)

Emily Kazmierski
While enjoying life in sunny Southern California, Emily works as a freelance editor and writes YA fiction.
She’s been writing since she was a child and the very first story she ever wrote was about a little girl who died and was reincarnated as a humpback whale. She still has no idea where that story came from.
Emily gets her inspiration from her own dreams, or from other people’s lives. Her first novel is a what-if inspired by a friend’s mum that was diagnosed and beat breast cancer.
She also wants to be friends with all of y’all, so don’t leave her hanging.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said she didn’t want to tell. Now, that’s really not fair, is it?

Her motto: She doesn’t have one, but she follows the principle of not going things halfway. We can appreciate that, but she did leave us dry with the juicy details she doesn’t want to disclose. We’re still trying to figure what could those be.

Interesting interaction with a reader: she hasn’t had much interaction with readers, but she can’t wait to hear from people about her book and, hopefully, many more to come.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: Malignant

Her message to the readers: I hope that when you read my book you get to know and understand the characters and why they act the way they do. I hope they feel real to you as they do to me.

You can find her here:
Facebook @AuthorEmilyKazmierski
Twitter @EmilyKazmierski

Elizabeth Bramwell (photo from her Amazon page)

Elizabeth Bramwell
She’s originally from Britain, but she lives in Canada now. She sports the title of senior administrator in a post-secondary Institute of Technology, which we find intimidating, really. Very respectful.
She began writing Regency romance with a story especially created for her Mum’s birthday, and she kept going from there.
Writing is like breathing to her, just something she does and she will never stop doing.
Elizabeth has degrees in both Archeology and Library Science, and dreams of having her own bookstore one day. She believes that reading is an important part of developing intellect, compassion and wisdom, and she would be a very happy bunny if she could build her life around working with those notions. We can only cheer her on and try not to be too intimidated by all her academic achievements.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said she didn’t want to tell. Thank heavens she gave in eventually and confessed that she is a huge Rock and Heavy Metal fan, and listens to bands like Halestorm, Iron Maiden, Disturbed or Queen while writing Regency romance. Now that is very interesting.

Her motto: Over, under, around or through. No matter what obstacle you face in life, you can get past them — although you might have to think outside the box to do so. A very good motto and one we should all take to heart.

Favourite interaction with a reader: a reviewer told her that they loved her books because it reminded them of the first time they read a Georgette Heyer novel. She may have cried hearing that.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: she gave us what we wanted with the juicy detail, but now she’s having her revenge! She said that her favourite book is the one she’s working on right now, but it shall remain a secret. Not fair!

Later edit: I investigated and I believe that the mysterious project could be the fourth book in her series, The Rebel Wife, on pre-order here.

Her message to the readers: Thank you for considering my books! It means the world to me when someone chooses to spend their leisure time reading one of my stories, and I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them!

You can find her here:
Facebook @ebramwellwriter
Twitter @ebramwellwriter

Emma Savant (no photo available)
She’s a young writer from Oregon and works for a non-profit that saves the world a little. It’s commendable and we like it, right?
The first story she every wrote went as follows: “Once upon a time there was a little girl who met a cat. The girl and the cat were the BEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WORLD, so the girl’s parents let her keep the cat because they loved her SO MUCH.” Sadly, her parents were not moved enough to let her keep the stray cat she had found. In their defense, there were no pets allowed in their appartment.
She cites Franz Kafka when he said ‘A non-writing writer is like a monster courting insanity.’ Emma also says that when she doesn’t write she becomes a grump. Both her and her husband are understandably happier when she’s not a grump.
Aside from keeping her sane, she writes because she’s inspired by anything new, like landscapes or neighbourhoods, and wishes to create worlds that readers can get lost into. She loves J.K. Rowling’s works and wishes to create something as vivid and tangible for her readers.
Emma’s future plans include going forward with the Glimmering world and fairytale archetypes in her new project about a pop singer whose manager is determined to spin her talent into gold. Intriguing.

When asked if she anything juicy to share with the readers, she said she has nothing, further explaining that if she had, she would have even more things to write about. Do we believe her?

Her motto: Emma says she’s not much of a motto person, probably because she cannot commit to loving one for more than a few days, a sentiment we can all relate to.

Interesting interaction with a reader: One of her earliest readers just beat cancer. We love that readers share details with her and we can only be happy for the reader in question.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: Glimmers of Glass, her first novel in the Glimmer series. It was in it that she entered the Glimmering world and met Olivia and Imogen and she’ll always be fond of it for that.

Her message to the readers: If you love snark, fairy tales, and subverted clichés, my books are for you.

You can find her here:
Facebook @emmasavant
Twitter @EmmaSavant

S.T. Sinclaire (photo from her Amazon page)

S.T. Sinclaire
She’s from Ontario, Canada and has a multitude of interests beside writing. S.T. is also a copywriter, photographer and graphic designer.
She’s been reading since the age of four and writing came only naturally to her.
The inspiration for her first book, Elf in My Backpack, was a rustling in the woods while she was out walking. She says that a reasonable person might’ve guessed ‘squirrel’, but her first thought was ‘hmm, what if it’s an elf?’ I love the way she thinks.
She says that she spices all her books with humour because, if she has to live with her characters, they have to be amusing sometimes, even the not-so-nice ones.
Her plans for the moment include finishing the Princess Marguerite series, while also working on a novel.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said she hasn’t.

Her motto: Follow your dreams and never give up.

Interesting interaction with a reader: a reader told her that her Princess Marguerite series read like an old-fashion fairytale, which confirmed she had accomplished what she had set to do. We are very proud.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: While she found the question tough, she did say that Princess Marguerite: The merchant of Dreamswas the one. But The Green-Eyed Monster was a hilarious one. We might have to read both and see.

Her message to the readers: I’ve always loved illustrated books and my children’s series books are loaded with illustrations. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

You can find her here:
Facebook @STSinclaire
Twitter @ST_Sinclaire

Paulina Woods (photo from her Amazon page)

Paulina Woods
She lives in Twentynine Palms, California, and serves drinks at a casino by day, while slaying dragons on Xbox by night. Ah, living the dream…
Funny enough, she started writing because she wouldn’t shut up. Her mum bought her a journal and told her to write her thoughts and stop making her siblings act out the stories she came up with. Of course, they ended up playing the stories she wrote in front of her mum, so not much help there. A creative mind is a creative mind, we know.
Her mum is Paulina’s inspiration. When she was growing up, she listened to her mother read parts of her work to her. Fond memories.
She hopes to make her Mum’s dream of being a published author come true and we cannot but wait until that day comes, so we can enjoy her mum’s stories the way she did as a child.
Paulina has big plans for the future, and wants to become a full time blogger and writer while travelling the world. She also wants to be known as an African Lore writer and makes the remark that all her characters have names from the Yorbra people. Very interesting indeed.
She is also trying to publish the three stories she kept promising her readers, for fear of getting tarred and feathered. We’re expecting those books, Paulina! *checks cauldron of boiling tar*

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said that the only way she can fall asleep is to tell herself a story. Of course, that oftentimes backfires on her, because she finds herself laying in bed, two hours into the night, and the story is still not over. I feel for her.

Her motto: Never give up on your dream.

Favourite interaction with a reader: One of her faithful readers discovered Paulina through the Stone Guardian book, and was delighted to know that there were books about plus-sized black women written by a black author. That reader is now her biggest supporter and has published her own book. We can only be proud of the both of them!

Favourite book out of everything she has ever written: Captive Guardian,book 2 in her Witches Amulet series.

Her message to the readers: I promise you a fun ride but be warned, my gargoyle do not become human.

You can find here here:
Facebook @authorpaulinawoods
Twitter @PaulinaShelf

Lucia Kuhl (photo from her Amazon page)

Lucia Kuhl
She lives in South Bend, Indiana, and is also a Ballroom Dance Instructor. Fancy.
Lucia had planned to become a bestselling author straight out of college, but she and the professor in charge of the writing program didn’t see eye-to-eye. She ended up graduating with a Marketing degree and has taken up writing again after being sidelined by an injury.
She finds inspiration in social issues and fun. I’m intrigued and I’ll go check out her books as soon as this article is done and live.
As a non-traditional career woman, she wants to become someone that can answer ‘Yes!’ to anyone asking her ‘Seriously, what’s your day job? Can you even make money with that?’.
Lucia has several series planned out, as well as turning The Crystal Ballroom serial on her website into a novel. The first book in the American Missing series will be released in February and she wishes to publish more this year.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said that, at the age of 6, she had a hard time deciding who to marry between Little Joe Cartwright form Bonanza, and Trampas from the Virginian, so she decided to marry both. Way to go, girl!

Her motto: Be part of the solution or shut up. Words to live by.

Interesting interaction with a reader: none comes to her mind.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: Kubbern’s Ghosts

Her message to the readers: We are each so much more than we think we are. This belief is the foundation for all my books.

You can find her here:
Facebook @AuthorLuciaKuhl
Twitter @Kuhlhat

Marie-Belle de Lis (photo from her Amazon page)

Marie-Belle de Lis
This publishing house’s resident kinky author, she’s a young writer of Erotica and Romance currently enjoying the humid winter of Italy, with big plans to travel the world. She used to be a live adult cam model and is a big supporter of consent in any sexual interaction. A victim of rape, she makes sure consent is clearly presented in all her books, no matter how much her characters are into non-consensual fetishes.
Marie-Belle also campaigns for the correct portrayal of BDSM in popular media and tries to make sure that everyone understands that ‘non-consensual’, in BDSM means that someone has given their consent prior to the rough fun, and it constitutes only roleplay.
Aside from her commendable efforts to blend hot fiction with social issues, she has big plans for this year. She wants to finish her first series, then go on to publish a couple more, and is also thinking of creating an interactive fiction game around BDSM. Now that is interesting! She also hopes to start publishing one of the many Romance stories running around in her mind.
Marie started writing because there were too many hot fantasies swirling in her head and thought ‘Why keep the fun to myself?’
Her inspiration? Humans and their darkest sexual fantasies. She says that one would be surprised what most of us really like. I agree, but I’m leaving it at that. No dirty disclosure today.

When asked if she had anything juicy to share with the readers, she said that, not for her lack of trying, not many people know she’s a proud member of the BDSM scene. Even her mother has a pretty good idea about her interests! She also still remembers fondly her first ever relationship with a girl.

Her motto: She doesn’t have one, but she always tells herself everything will be alright in the end.

Interesting interaction with a reader: none comes to mind, but she felt amazing when she received her first review. It meant that someone had actually read her story.

Favourite book out of everything she’s written: Finding My Step, from her published works, but she can’t wait to finish her Insatiable series so she can write about a girl learning what sex is all about, in all its glory. *wink*

Her message to the readers: Trust your instincts and never let anyone make you do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

You can find her here:
Facebook @mariebelledelis

Don McAuley (photo from his Amazon page)

Don McAuley
Don’s a Welsh writer who also works in Software and IT. He writes because he loves exploring unexplained mysteries and wants to share his passion with the readers. He’s inspired by good stories and the reaction of readers who love his writing.
He feels that he’s been working in IT for far too long and wishes to make writing his sole income source. He wants to explore short stories, mysteries and sci-fi and wants to get feedback from readers from his already published books, so he knows what they want to read and where should he go next. Very commendable of him.
Don also loves cheesecake.

When asked if he had anything juicy to share with the readers, he said he didn’t want to tell. Why is he doing this to us?

His motto: Judge not a person by what they do, but what they won’t do. Wise, indeed.

Interesting interaction with a reader: he appreciates every response and thinks that someone has taken time out of their lives to comment on his books is very humbling. I already love him, what about you?

Favourite book out of everything he’s written: Moon, his first book.

His message to the readers: I hope you like the books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

You can find him here:
Facebook @donmcauleyauthor
Twitter @Don_McAuley
Or sign up to his newsletter here.

Disclaimer: This list contains affiliate links, so a percentage of your purchase will be shared with me, at no additional cost to you. The authors featured here have been randomly selected and I have not been paid by any of them, and thus, the list is objective and unbiased.

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