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‘True Japanese grit!” A beautiful young Japanese woman is dead. Her American G.I. boyfriend is missing. Her lecherous boss is nowhere to be found. And her murder must be solved before the media gets wind of another tragic and potentially dangerous international incident. But will a police inspector’s desperate secret thwart the investigation and keep a killer from justice? Get your copy of The Gangster’s Son for only 99c. Just click!


“Finally, an intriguing detective thriller set in Japan that refuses to turn the lead characters into caricatures, and base its premise on such tropes as sushi and martial arts.  Makes for a fascinating read.” – Mark Fine, author, The Zebra Affaire — Accused of being an accomplice in an insurance fraud scheme that led to murder, former police inspector Shig Sato begins his own investigation to clear his name. He soon discovers an autistic boy knows everything about a so-called ‘perfect plan’ – and that the boy’s life is in danger from a psychotic killer bent on revenge. Will the killer strike before Sato can save the boy? The Thief’s Mistake for only $3.99. Save 20%Just click!


News of a body with no head and no hands floating in Tokyo Bay sparks former Tokyo police Inspector ShigSato’s cop instincts — who is the body in the bay? Who is responsible for such a gruesome crime? It doesn’t take long before Sato finds himself entangled in gang feuds and Cold War espionage at the highest levels of government. Will he find himself the next victim in his search for the truth? Traitors & Lies for only $3.99. Save 20%. Just click!


“Joseph Mark Brewer has created a lovable Columbo type character in Shig Sato.” – Elizabeth Horton-Newton, author, View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale, and Riddle — A serial killer striking terror in Tokyo. A TV reporter determined to get the big story. A young detective on the biggest case of his career. And a man trapped by his demons, unable to break free from a cycle of death and destruction. Get your copy of Cat’s Meow for $3.99. Save 20% Just click!



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Will a housewife’s killer get away with murder –
and keep hidden unspeakable crimes?

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This prequel novella kicks off the Shig Sato Mystery series, and can be yours for free — it’s my special gift for you when you join Team Shig for all the great Shig Sato previews, new release information, and special offers. 

Was she a miserable housewife, or mentally ill? Was her death a suicide, or murder? Uncovering lies at every turn, Inspector Shig Sato realizes whoever killed Setsuko Usami could get away with murder — and much, much worse.

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