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Five Stars for the Shig Sato Mysteries

“Finally, an intriguing detective thriller set in Japan that refuses to turn the lead characters into caricatures, and base its premise on such tropes as sushi and martial arts.  Makes for a fascinating read.” – Mark Fine, author, The Zebra Affaire

“Joseph Mark Brewer has created a lovable Columbo type character in Shig Sato.” – Elizabeth Horton-Newton, author, View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale, and Riddle

“The Gangster’s Son was one of the best books I’ve read” – Dave Adair, author, Random Lucidity

“I recommend this book to anyone who likes police procedurals, has an interest in Japan, or just wants to spend some time reading a good book.” – Pilot Girl, Amazon reviewer

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Will a housewife’s killer get away with murder –
and keep hidden unspeakable crimes?

“Interesting story and well written in a slow burn style…”

“Just the right amount of intrigue to keep you guessing…”

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Was she a miserable housewife, or mentally ill? Was her death a suicide, or murder? Uncovering lies at every turn, Inspector Shig Sato realizes whoever killed Setsuko Usami could get away with murder — and much, much worse.

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