#BookReviewWednesday – Connected: The Call

The book-a-week challenge continues with Connected: The Call, by Michelle Medhat


Ellie Noor finds out very quickly what she doesn’t know can seriously hurt her. A bizarre, dangerous dream becomes second to discovering her husband is an agent for MI6. Sam Noor used his cover in the Foreign Service to do some remarkable black ops, fighting a new type of terrorist organization bent on world domination.
Medhat offers the UK-USA scenario but with the terrorist angle includes the Middle East and, lo and behold, even parts of the American Midwest and Dubai. Although the action takes place mainly between London and Washington and their environs, a reader easily buys into the story of slum dwellers following the mysterious terrorist group al Nadir.
Readers find out al Nadir, for now, has the upper hand against the West. The genius behind the terrorists’ schemes is using nano-technology of a biologically lethal type. Dubious characters populate both the terrorist group and MI6. As tensions mount, moves to up the ante prove to be… something you’ll have to read for yourself in Connected.
Medhat has concocted an intriguing recipe: spy thriller and sci-fi and fantasy, with disturbing scenes any author would be proud to write. She has cooked up an interesting story but doesn’t lose sight that all good stories come down to characters, and Ellie and Sam Noor are just the type of protagonists a reader can root for. She has a great duo in the antagonists as well, and fair warning – The Call ends on a cliffhanger. I’ll have to read Connected: The Shift to find out what happens. I’m looking forward to it.
Connected: The Call, by Michell Medhat
Four stars out of five
Available at Amazon and Nook as ebook, and at Amazon as paperback and hardcover.
An edition combining The Call and The Shift is available at Amazon and Kobo



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Japan & Espionage: Shig Sato wasn’t the first to fall into a trap

KGB. GRU. CIA. The Cold War. It’s the stuff of thrilling writing. But do you know the story behind the story?

In Traitors & Lies, Tokyo’s reluctant P.I., Shig Sato, finds himself entangled in high-stakes international espionage in early 1990s Tokyo. It doesn’t take long for Shig to realize he’s been lied to, and might just be a pawn in the biggest power grab in the Cold War.


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But they say truth is stranger than fiction. It’s certainly the case with one of my favorite authors, Ian Fleming, and the story behind You Only Live Twice. This article that ran in The Japan Times, one of my old newspaper haunts, explains why. Read the fascinating story here.

To find out what it takes for Shig Sato to come to his senses about Katsuo Takahashi, and his new life as a private investigator, pick up a copy of Traitor’s & Lies.



Joseph Mark Brewer writes the Shig Sato mysteries. Mix up some Kurt Wallander and Japan Noir and you have a new series set in the heart of Tokyo. Click for your copy of The Gangster’s Son, The Thief’s Mistake, or Traitors & Lies – and to read how it all began. To find out more about the World of Shig Sato, sign up for a periodic newsletter. All you have to do is click here.