Japan & Espionage: Shig Sato wasn’t the first to fall into a trap

KGB. GRU. CIA. The Cold War. It’s the stuff of thrilling writing. But do you know the story behind the story?

In Traitors & Lies, Tokyo’s reluctant P.I., Shig Sato, finds himself entangled in high-stakes international espionage in early 1990s Tokyo. It doesn’t take long for Shig to realize he’s been lied to, and might just be a pawn in the biggest power grab in the Cold War.


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But they say truth is stranger than fiction. It’s certainly the case with one of my favorite authors, Ian Fleming, and the story behind You Only Live Twice. This article that ran in The Japan Times, one of my old newspaper haunts, explains why. Read the fascinating story here.

To find out what it takes for Shig Sato to come to his senses about Katsuo Takahashi, and his new life as a private investigator, pick up a copy of Traitor’s & Lies.



Joseph Mark Brewer writes the Shig Sato mysteries. Mix up some Kurt Wallander and Japan Noir and you have a new series set in the heart of Tokyo. Click for your copy of The Gangster’s Son, The Thief’s Mistake, or Traitors & Lies – and to read how it all began. To find out more about the World of Shig Sato, sign up for a periodic newsletter. All you have to do is click here.



A whole new Shig Sato experience


Fraud. Arson. Murder. And an autistic boy’s life is in danger.

In The Thief’s Mistake – book 2 of the Shig Sato Mystery series – Shig is at his family home in Takatsu, forced into retirement because of his age, and mourning the loss of his beloved wife, Miki. But he must return to Tokyo to begin his life as a reluctant P.I. – his best friend and former police partner, Ken Abe, has been running the office in his absence, and is impatient for Shig’s return. Shig took on a client while still a police inspector, one of the wealthiest industrialists in Japan. Taking on a client is the same as making a promise, and for Shig, a promise is a promise.

But on his first day at the agency, Shig is accused of being an accomplice in a murder, falls under the suspicion of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s anti-organized crime bureau, is followed by a mysterious little man on a motorbike, and receives a summons to meet Ses Fujimori, notorious yakuza boss and Shig’s childhood friend – all because he decides to help the hapless Kobayashi twins. The police aren’t taking seriously their alibi after being caught trying to steal something.

Shig soon realizes it’s up to him to check out the twins’ story. When he hears an autistic boy repeat the twins’ phrase “the perfect plan,” he realizes it’s the boy who is in danger from a psychopath bent on arson and murder.

Will Shig save a child and stop a killer from striking again?


The Thief’s Mistake – Get to know Shig Sato. Just click. To find out more about the Shig Sato Mystery series, and to get book 1, The Gangster’s Son, for free, click here.