Get to know Shig Sato – Serial Killers in Japan

41BihmTO1ILCat’s Meow, my latest Shig Sato Mystery, could have been ripped from the headlines — but it wasn’t.

I write about crime and events that are common anywhere in the world, but place them in 1990s Tokyo, with my characters Shig Sato, Ken Abe, Mo Kato, Hisoka Endo, the Kobayashi twins, and all the other folks who populate the stories.

But the serial killer phenomenon isn’t new. It’s very real, and it has a history in that country just as in another other.

What’s grabbing the headlines now: a woman seeking a suicide partner led police to a residence in Zama where severed heads were found in coolers. You can read the story from The New York Times by clicking the link here. Some politicians blame the crime on the alleged killer playing video games. You can read the SoraNews24 story here.

And the case of the ‘Black Widow’ – woman sentenced to death for killing her husbands and other men by having them drink cyanide. You can read a story here  courtesy The Japan Times.

Ripped from the headlines, a story all it’s own, with the inimitable Shig Sato on the case. Cat’s Meow.

See you tomorrow!

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